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October 20 2020 Bitcoin breaches 12k

You can start with monitoring Bitcoin stock on CashApp. Or, if you have a cash side gig, take those payments in Bitcoin and stash your Satoshi’s now! Governments stash thy Bitcoin too, by seizing it from criminals with help of FBI, so if you follow what government says about crypto, unless you’re looking at Australia […]

Publicity rights.

Because the technology we all use daily now is so new and fast advancing, people complain about unwanted posts of them online, or commit to ignoring it in silence which is self sabotaging, self-oppression, feeling embarrassed yet helpless to protect oneself, what kind of life is it. Why would you live that way. You got […]

Jab – Cross

Being martial artists wife, I’ve done the jab-cross drills and can apply them to human interaction of affirming duality. Let’s apply multiple examples to show how Jab-Cross dynamics plays out in human society with my own real life examples. The jab is the initial regurgitating response of the average observer, bully or otherwise normal person […]

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