P’s by Paula

I will be a Millionaire

I just bought seven of my favorite lipsticks, each in different color symbolizing each day of the week. Why wouldn’t you buy all of your favorite things. Who even came up with self-denying concept? I want to have more money than I could ever spend. I want to buy gifts that I want to gift… Continue reading I will be a Millionaire


Fear Of Missing Out on Bitcoin. I go through the motions of it today, wondering what else to sell to buy more ALT’s that can yield more gains that then can be sold to buy more Bitcoin. Because we all want more Bitcoin, because we are alive when it’s becoming the replacement of bloody gold… Continue reading FOMO

Response to Avalon Intuitive.

This is a specific post for those looking for it from a special YouTube reading, this is my feedback as it was clearly requested and reminded to post what’s been said and channeled. First is a visual channeling, second is an improvised recording of a guided meditation, and third is a story of one of… Continue reading Response to Avalon Intuitive.

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