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Ten years of “social” profile, thousands of images, videos, some ten thousand contacts, five business pages, three YouTube channels, and all but forty-something phone contacts, text and WhatsApp message histories, Pinterest boards and any unused or overused App and email inboxes, all blanked within one day, as lets be honest, deleting online footprint takes a […]

Phoenix Bob Dylan & 2027

As the world comes to a choking standstill of confusion as the post covid19 mayhem is about to kick in, ending the aeon of The Planner that’s been guiding and arranging human lives since early sixteen hundreds, we’re now living through a loop of Gene Key 19 activation, and while the news and the renegades […]


Are You Russian? NO. Your face looks Russian. NO. Are You Russian? NO. You’re from the Eastern Block right. NO. Your country was a member of USSR right. NO. But you speak Russian in your country? NO. But you’re similar to Russians right. Your language is similar to Russian right. NOOOOO Look, if you’re anyone […]

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