Home sweet Home

What are you thinking of reading these words? Is your home here and now, or is it a faraway land across the ocean, in another continent? Anyone that’s taken for a ride in globalism carriage knows the effects of being apart from ones native tongue and environment.
The glass is half full is the attitude we adopt.

Home is where the heart is. How about bringing that home and heart together again. In current political weather, nobody understands nobody yet everyone’s trying to get along, and failing, because human is a conflictual being per its DNA wiring, people now try going against their own DNA making friends from foes, forgetting the mitochondria carries us on in 15 generations. Who is anyone to assume their opinion or faith can overcome fifteen generations of inherent genetical information that’s forming the likes, the dislikes and drives of every living human being. Yes, current lives experiences and feelings do form the DNA for the next generation, each and every second of ones life experience form further DNA, yet the issue of DNA neglect remains, people are taught of man-made mental disease before they’re taught of inherent DNA patterns. Why.

To successfully divide the people and the races, is my guess. Because when nobody knows what and who they are, it’s easy to control everyone, like a mob who runs one direction when signaled danger or reward from another side. Like stampedes in South Beach on Labour Day, ironically to the name of it, not supportive of labor of the places the mobs ruin running over them, and each other for that matter. At the same time, I wouldn’t imply humanity is controlled or compromised, no, quite the opposite, I know we program our own matrix experience, I know you are God as I am.

God with a kinky reality game fetish, embracing victimization to truly attain freedom, how weird right. Wired. Absolutely. Now with Covid19 the Earth herself embraced victimization mentality as the final push to true healing & complete reboot of planetary ways, enrolling into the Age of Trivia, age of Homo Sanctus, aeon of the Sleeping Phoenix, peacefully, quietly, with a Quarantini in hand. Yes, humans have powerful hearts and guts to do big things, gene keys 19 and 55 come to heart speaking of current events on Earth. My home. Next seven years shall be interesting to observe and enjoy, I start this new blog now embracing this transitionary cycle.

Welcome to thinker box of a Manifesting Generator, Investigating Opportunist, Paula Torres.

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