Ten years of “social” profile, thousands of images, videos, some ten thousand contacts, five business pages, three YouTube channels, and all but forty-something phone contacts, text and WhatsApp message histories, Pinterest boards and any unused or overused App and email inboxes, all blanked within one day, as lets be honest, deleting online footprint takes a lot of work.

Results? Feeling as if the world became brighter, birds louder and cars slower. Holy clarity.

I knew whoever matters has saved my contact in their devices, thus it was exhilarating to delete all of my social media.

Now a few weeks into recovering my sovereignity I recognize I have been sleeping more, seems my brain is recovering from daily quickening experienced from the flickering lights, colors and information streams thrown in my face on daily basis. I notice the slowness of present moment, as when writing new rhymes or making a new recipe, I enjoy everything more, my wants and why’s are more concrete, I like this, everyday now feels as that day running naked in the dunes, simply being free.

How’s your social media experience?

What is, is only now and now is all that is.

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