Authentic Information after 2020 Plandemic

A movie worth watching. You can see it on the new Brighteon platform, and I strongly suggest you keep Brighteon in mind, and in your bookmarks, and get the best out of it, remembering the time when all social platforms were down that one day, remembering the Simulations launched permanent are fun only for the socialists of us, thus take the best of the authentic information available, while it is available.

Here is the PLANDEMIC 2 link

Once that’s digested, go over to Global Reset News page, once subscribed to it, you receive a link with audio file downloads for a decent Preparedness Awareness plan example overlooking all main areas necessary for our sensible survival consideration.

Global Reset News page link

For further Authentic & worthy to explore platform, see Banned, a video platform where people banned from all socialist controlled media tend to gather to continue censorship free media exchange.

Banned Video platform link

The new sane peoples social media platform is called Parler, also censorship free media, the place people quitting instagram will gather. Add me once there, I think this is the only social APP I am staying on.

Parler platform link

I suggest you cut the subscriptions to any communist supporting programs and media, avoid the disease altogether, and no, monitoring ”what’s going on” won’t be of any assistance in aligning yourself with the people of your own caliber and interest. In a time of a complete timeline split and society division, focusing on “The News” that are mass manufactured to falsely instill fear shutting down peoples prefrontal cortex in the brain absolutely preventing people from solution oriented thinking and ability to create exits for themselves and their families to escape this artificial matrix of submissiveness and life in forever waiting on what’s coming next.

What’s coming next is Presidential Election and a massive slow down globally. We continue to go through the needles eye energetically and will continue to do so until 2027, it is a generation of children’s brain development, and we as the people representing the shift from the old to the new, the parents of the children of the New Earth, we are responsible for accommodating as best as we can with the tools we are given. And our own childhood memories carry plenty. We are enough to raise a beautiful generation of freedom creator, we are enough to carry forward the legacy of humanity. The ones rolling with the AI hookups, Alexa monitoring, full vaccine schedule and baby formula, leave them alone, let go and let live. This place in Synchronic Order of our realm requires absolute embracing of all that is and creating from what each has.

Going forward, how can you contribute? Do you have special stories from your childhood, from the world before socialist system implementation succeeded? What is your story and how can you share it? Can you put it in a piece of art or piece of literature to pass it on to our children? Do you have a niche skill majority of the people standing in one room don’t have? How can you share it with others? Any gardening masters around? Any of those who lost their jobs during lock down? You all got to find each other, and exchange.

See, in order to destroy evil, there’s only one thing to start actively doing- the creating of the new, the positive, the beautiful and the bright. All current systems do have to fall apart, all religions, conventional food production and pharmaceutical industries, mass pollutant factories, and mass trash creators do have to be stopped, so I say this to those with fear in their eyes, blame shifting current world order onto imaginary elites, this is for you- all occurs according to Plan of Your Creation, as You are God and You Create Your Reality, you the people create the elites and you the people change them by changing the gene pool and choosing the ones you support, or burn at the stake.

When over nine million females were burned at the stake, society accepted it as a consequence to an upcoming social construct that brings imaginary balance provided by the hands of apparently righteous. How could people forget their mothers, sisters and daughters in such a way? Well, society has gone through genetic mutations since the beginning of its existence, and each emotional cycle collectively mirrors in its days social construct.

We can look at the world form many perspectives and the one I like the most is the one respecting all angles and realms as at the beginning is the end and all is aligned in Synchronic Order of things in the multiverse.

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