The sacrifices of Catracha.

As a young girl traveling the world, or flopping around it by chance, embracing the joys and the horrors I witnessed, from Siberia to The Bahamas, to strawberry fields in the UK’s modern slavery and mud crawls, to prestigious pretty yachts as a Private Yacht Stewardess, handling five star silver service for chubby millionaire crowds, I saw how the lives are built and destroyed and the motives behind human behaviors.

And then I married a Catracho, before I knew where Honduras is on the worlds map, before I knew what Machista means, and before I saw how he handles conflict, or how his mami handles her son opposite of how a Latvian males mamma would.

Throughout the years I learned I married a man from the city that is called the most dangerous city in the world to be a woman. Tegucigalpa, the worlds capital is known worldwide for its femicide and staggering rates of rape and murder of women. Yes, the population count of this still a third world country has grown substantially, even doubled in the last twenty something years, yet one argument is the questionable statistics gathering methods in the seventies and eighties, and of course the high number of single, or murdered mothers as in Honduras, a woman is murdered every 16 hours, and that’s not counting the ongoing violence at all hours of the day, causing mass immigration attempts by females seeking asylum in USA or other countries, trying to escape abuse and murder, as they’re endlessly overpowered by men gaging power in how many bullets they own, or who can hit harder, with words, fists or a machete as in the case of San Pedro Sula resident Heydi Hernandez, a mother of 5 who’s husband severed both of her feet cutting them off with a machete in a machista anger outburst, attempting to assert his imaginary rights and power over Heydi by attempting to steal her independence, to walk and lead her own life, literally cutting her feet off, with children as witnesses, adding to the statistics of generations that have grown up witnessing violence in Honduran family home.

The world news covered the story of the late Catracha beauty queen and her sister who were murdered by dozen bullets shot in the back fleeing another machistas anger outburst right after the famous crowning of Maria Hose Alvarado as Miss Honduras at her 19. The mother of Maria and her sister Sofia Trinidad acknowledged the only thing shocking about this murder was that the police reacted to it and media covered it, admitting it was only because of the Miss Honduras news flash, the establishment felt forced to take care of it.

And here is the answer to all your problems, Catrachas out there. Expose and keep exposing. Be loud and get louder. Keep modeling, and keep remembering the names of the women who’s lives are sacrificed to reach women overseas, and women as myself, women from faraway lands, yet fighters and survivors with many more centuries on our survival and victory record to show for. Tell them to go fuck themselves, and stick together. Learn how to handle weapons yourselves, practice martial arts for self defense and encourage each other. Latina in Miami is famous for taking her man away and overall competing within women as wild cats I think you are. And I have a good explanation, why.

Mestizo is the youngest race on Earth. A product of a culture clash and unwelcome invasion, power struggles between ancient gene pools, with Spaniel crusaders, Natives and Africana all mashed together, with and without consent, and mostly without.

Studying Mitochondrial DNA can be clarifying, as it carries Maternal lineage on in 15 generations, and there’s different ancestral commands inherited from the invasive Spaniel DNA strain, and the native, as I see Earthling Pagan Continental American Native DNA, absolutely opposite commands genetically, with social construct built around the oppressors perspective, injected Patriarch made religion, that powerfully goes against the very core values of Matriarchal core of American native, be in Maya, Lenka or otherwise, all tribes have certain Cosmic Mother Goddess worship in common, your own people have to remember your own women the Mayan Matriarchal females and Astronomers created Mayan calendar, whoever’s been burning your ancient scriptures and paining a King from a feisty prince wherever a Queen stood, acknowledge and dismiss them, and remember your own mystery, remember your own power, and wear it as your armor everywhere you go. Your DNA is very much alive in your blood, and you get to work with what you have now, a fireball for genetic inheritance.

The male is physically incapable of channeling and purifying its own self without the feminine leadership as males are desperately trying to dominate the feminine when left unattended or given unchecked amounts of power, or responsibility of upholding and purifying the very integrity of HUMAN RACE as in Honduran males case, their genetic inheritance is creating a sort of ADHD expression of mixed emotions and mixed behaviors as they carry opposing factors in DNA, and only Yang channeled though female is properly channeled and alleviated of its frustration. Any male can only destroy society and itself without the Yin factor to channel its masculinity through, becoming machista and threat to all that’s sacred.

You can take responsibility for purifying your men and birthing new ones, you can take responsibility for allowing gangs in your cities, and allowing churches with false conditioning of your sons and future husbands. Mothers that condition their sons opposite their genetic wiring are responsible for the next machista in town, mothers who leave their sons unchecked and compete with younger women are responsible for murder of a woman every sixteen hours in the country. Mothers are the ones responsible. Because mothers birth and raise these children.

I highly doubt the Mara Salvatrucha or Barrio 18 activities would continue should the world be flooded with the news of Catracha Alliances mass murdering local machistas with AR15’s or other weapons they’ve confiscated from these perpetrators in their drunken sleep. Every of these gang members has a mami and that mami is responsible. We see the young abused moms talking, but what we don’t see is the mami behind every gang member, the female who is betraying the world itself by allowing the perpetrator to dominate and procreate.

Young women simply have to decide to be the change you want to see in the world. I did that the first time I read this Ghandi quote the first time I got on the internet in my secondary schools computer room. Be the change you want to see in the world, and commit to yourself, that’s what I encourage every young Catracha to do. Respect the sacrifices of your native genetics, and forgive the invasive genetics, releasing its karmic debt, allowing for genetic mutation, and different DNA formation into your offspring. I have done this, becoming the mother of First Latvian-Honduran child in the world. She is that fire ball, and she is precious. She carries a dose of Catrachita in her and since she is the first of her kind, I feel responsible to acknowledge the importance of building bridges between our countries, and I encourage Catrachas in Honduras to dig deep into your native scriptures, and reach out to your new sisters in the Baltics where female wisdom and intelligence is highly respected and creates the very foundation of social structure, even our freedom monument is feminine, for Latvia is a fighter, and survivor, a true warrior Queen preserving its ancient feminine magic, against all odds, throughout all that’s thrown at us. We’ve lost over a third of our population to genocide by same crusader dogma carriers that invaded Honduran land centuries ago, and we can relate to each other in more ways than I think we both realize. I like to think that we have a lot to share and a lot to contribute to each other.

Be safe out there, be yourselves and know your stories are welcome, your voices are heard and your claims and feelings are valid. Together we can adjust the path of Y chromosome evolution, through polishing it into emotional intelligence, healing the machista until true Maculine remains in society, all of this can be done only by women, be those women, support and encourage those women, refuse that mami you know is wrong, and support that mami you know is right, as one day, you will be a mami yourself, and I want to see Honduran women mothering men of highest caliber, as your men are made of gun powder and bachata, and together we can and do love sense into them. At the end, the beginning is what matters, and at the beginning and end of all things is love, focus on love, and you’ll get through this glitch of Y chromosome errors, see it as a mutation symptom, merging of races, it is serious business, and their brains are conflicted, toss that patriarch out of your Earthling land, and free yourselves from the very religious conditioning that causes you as women to accept the male dominance over your lives, it is unnatural, that’s why everyone suffers, from your elders to children, to the machistas themselves, it starts and ends with a mother who chooses how to raise her son, and when a man becomes a husband, his wife becomes his cosmic mother, there’s only reason for creation, as competition creates only more machistas, we have plenty of males to go around, and our bodies can create plenty more, please, dear Catracha, be the goddess you are born to be, love your women and create your men, you carry plenty of ancestral power to accomplish all that you desire.

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