Elizabeth Mae LZZY HALE

After an interview with Maria Brink of In This Moment, I saw this grungy woman I hadn’t seen before, listened to one song, then five, and ten, and here we are now.

As I hear this song on headphones, I feel the Ophiuchus vibes through and through, the passion the mature truth, the feminine core raging through slicing of guitars and the singers own baby brother honoring the female in the family, blasting the drums to his sisters singing. I discovered Halestorm.

Of course I as an intuitive and Astronomical Astrology student recognized very familiar Serpentarius vibes in this voice, and formation of the band, especially because of the younger brothers presence, so I went on to check the narrative of what her public birth chart is.

Basically average patriarchal world following ”Astrologers” shovel Elizabeth Mae into Sagittarius stelium, Sagittarius Ascendent, Libra Sun being. I say that’s false.

And now let’s look at what I thought I heard from Lzzy herself, the fully connected soulful, righteously protective of the feminine, Serpentine core screams even from her own choice on how to write her name, emphasizing the double ZZ as X chromosome and the Caduceus of two serpents weaving together, it is an unconscious acknowledgement of her very core Earth Dragon blueprint as Ophiuchus Moon female.

Running the chart of Elizabeth Mae Hale in 13sign zodiac Astronomy based Astrology Software Prometheus, we can clearly see how LZZY HALE is born to be world famous rock star, through zero degree Jupiter + three degrees Moon conjunction in 12th house of Ophiuhchus. There you go, papa. Chew on it! 🙂

The beauty of Moon-Jupiter conjunction is popularity, having more admirers than any average blueprint, higher than average possibility to be world famous, naturally attracting good things, good people and enjoying the good life overall. 12th house moon brings extra imagination, emotional extremism and porous being susceptible to the emotions and influence of others, yet all these factors are key in connecting to the audience, and mirroring the collective consciousness back onto people through soulful raw performing of this Ophiuchan Initiate.

Whoever calls Lzzy a Libra is confused as Libra majorly cares for preserving pretty looks and is paranoid of aging, my mama is a Libra I know what I am saying. Libra would hold the name Elizabeth to remain classic and untouchable, while a true Ophiuchan Moon female is the ultimate expression of the raw chaotic feminine energy and fertility itself bringing forward the X chromosome through ZZ in LZZY she’s chosen to rock on with.

I decided to write about her chart to hopefully influence someone to know their true birth chart blueprint, to shed the layers of generational conditioning and divorce the petty magazines referring to Horoscopes referring to mockery of an Astrology that’s divorced from Astronomy over 2000 years ago and is plain wrong. Period. Run your chart in Prometheus and catch up with your essence, chances are you’ll recognize peace settling in as you align with your true birth chart.

Allow the return of the Goddess into your life, allow the return of the number 13 and the Matriarchal values, acknowledging the wounds caused by the theft of Caduceus we can heal, together, as that is the drive of Mother Goddess and Ophiuchus Herself, healing humanity of all its ills and evils, during the years of return of the divine feminine, we’ll see powerful female rock stars, ironically the words rock star do imply the shining of a faraway asteroid, and Ophiuhcus not really having a planet aside of Chiron the wounded healer, the comet, shines the brightest in all colors of the rainbow, so in Ophiuchus natives you can see full spectrum of human suffering and human joy, all hair colors and all genres of expression, as Ophiuchus is the ether, the wisdom x venom.

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