Okay, thirteen minutes in this Documentary, I am semi-fuming over absolute disrespect to the last pagans of Europe and the obvious agenda of this Youtube Movies fiction flick to send subliminal messages further demonizing MY ANCESTORS. Making a mental note for karmic repercussions for such dishonoring of our already mocked and sacrificed peoples and culture, I continue watching this shit.

In thirteen minutes alone there’s so much wrong with this tape, first of all the very beginning looking at Pagans from a perspective of a Crusader worshipping Christian Dane who’s all horrified of Pagans chopping off a head of a Holy Father yes that chubby ass male in a dress who went out on a limb into Sacred Forest to collect firewood. The very name of the movie is BALTIC TRIBES, yet the whole flick begins with Danish dude vomiting on a boat, him being a Christian, there’s a mention of this being 13th century, so Denmark had just conveyed to the New World Order along with the rest of Europe, with mass murders, terrorism and literal crucifying being the way of People Conveying to Christianity by Masses changing the world forever. Eye-roll!!! When the whole world is destroyed as the Europeans knew it, and there’s a crusader walking straight into the last sane peoples (pagans) most valued sacred place (the forest), knowing the fatty male the delusional Christians call holy is one of the peoples directly having murdered and endangered their whole world as they knew it, them being the last Pagans as they know it, don’t you think you’d chop his head off? Of course you would. Ahh this is such a nasty plot to diminish our peoples, it is sickening. And I as a naive pagan naively imagined I will see an actual documentary about the life of our ancestors, something like in the movie Pagan King about Namejs ring, but no, you got to stick the greedy Danes in there as Danes to this day want to assert their smarts over Balts implying They came up with the first flag in the world, when it was the Baltic Latvians, Period.

Oh my and then the Galindian wife beating comes up, that’s absolute rubbish too, yes the Baltic tribes absolutely ruled and built the area that’s now the diabolical capital of Moscow, but Balts would also invite a foreign man to sleep with the mans wife to improve the genetic material of the tribe, I even remember my grandma telling stories of this matter as a child, it is common sense to feed the guest, and having sex and getting beat for it is certainly a practice and dogma of modern religions, and the Christians who’s perspective is projected on our ancestors while creating this movie.

By 22nd minute I can tell you the plot twist here is simple, the Galindians would have shot out their bullets at the very approach of whatever Christians on sight, they would not host them, and the guest they would host, would be sleeping with the women if that’s deemed necessary by the family. Also, the multiple wife thing is an exaggeration, forgetting to mention the female leadership in the whole family formation to begin with, again canceling the oh so Christian standard wife beating scenario. How dare you.

25th minute reference; Kuršaitis (Lithuanian) cutting off his hair simply clears the energy, there’s no begging for forgiveness, Baltic rituals are tied to the Earth and the Elements, while Christian perception likes to see our way as a ritual, it is not even that. The dude simply cut off his hair to renew energy, as living energy circulates at first 5cm of the hair, the rest being the memory and wisdom of what’s experienced, after an intense event, as running from the attack and venturing in the forest (that wasn’t forbidden for the Kuršaitis as a pagan but was for the loser he was toggling along, anyway), had left him with PTSD, he cut off his hair to have a rush of new energy, gaining strength. This is not a ritual, it is common sense. Out with the old, in with the new.

26th minute; nobody sacrificed a whole goat for a Danish Christian with fever, let’s just forget it, that is absurd. Nope, never happened. Also, for a Christian to say their gods ask sacrifice of bread and wine while pagan gods ask for blood of livestock implying yet another evil thing in Baltic peoples, lets remember the Christians pretend drinking the blood of Jesus, mirroring actual vampirism, cannibalism, and whatever else hypocrisy that’s to us satanism in itself. The simple truth here is the pagans have way more gratitude of all that is, and food that’s hard to raise and gather in rough climate especially, the goats are raised for a few seasons, and killing of them is special, as people are grateful for their meat, and they kill it in gratitude keeping the animal peaceful, splattering its blood onto other animals or their homes in appreciation of the life energy they have harvested, sharing it with their environment, to maximize abundance. Men sitting around fire is what men do when fire needs to be kept going, so slow-cooking bread is a fun thing to do while waiting on the goat to cook. Pure simplicity, those two words should be the definition of Pagan.

28th minute; the ungrateful Dane continues to mock his healer for healing him, calling the herbal holistic plant medications and herbals a witch craft as a good ol’ Christian patriarch does and calls his healing Miraculous, like having a burning steel up his back wasn’t enough to properly disinfect his wound and say I got medical care by a local medicine woman. Nope, not for a bloody Christian.

36th minute; you people are disgusting, whoever allowed such derogatory words to be used about our favorite, most precious and sacred holiday that is midsummer solstice celebration. The expression of gratitude for the summer that is so short, people practicing gratitude with all that is, and bathing nude shedding away any negative energy, embracing each other and the tribe as one, doing a naked run one time a year, it is a peaceful and even childish ritual practice I remember fondly, and everyone is full of laughs and giggles, you showing it as blasphemy is insulting to our ancestors and our families now. Showing a pair of boobs over the whole village naked is totally convenient to stir the narrative in your desired direction. Of cours it is my boobs you desire above knowing my culture. Disgrace.

37th minute; Yes ethnobotany, that is actual Botany was widely known from elders to children who all were a part of gathering herbals, berries, mushrooms and alike. The psilocybin mushroom physically renews brain cells, if you’d explore the subject you might learn why our brain mass is biggest out of all other human species on Earth. We have mushroom gathering championships to this day in Latvia, and although the healing mushrooms are illegal now, I see it as a temporary glitch in society, lasting for as long the Christian Brainwashing is ongoing. Once Latvian folk return to paganism, there wont be a devil in hell to deny people their centuries long used and proven plant medications.

39th minute; that is a beautiful midsummer solstice run, yet you’ve still divided the youth off the village and that’s not how this went, people have always run together, the young the old, there’s no division whatsoever, but you just want to make it pretty, not authentic, so carry on.

40th minute; why is the narrator speaking in past tense when we carry out the same celebration every year, on 21st of June year by year, ever since? And the whole country celebrates Līgo on 23rd of June 24th being Jāńi. This is suspiciously odd as I see Latvian Culture Capital Preservation Fund as supporters of this movie, this tells me the establishment is so highjacked by the Russians, the Latvians have lost their own way of presenting themselves, this is sad. Nobody’s running around bonfire naked either, it’s a swim, God, I can’t even….

55th minute; Explain to me how exactly buying enslaved people is a part of Christian Religion. I swear I hate you with a passion, especially as Latvians have only been the victim, as Latvians have always remained loyal to their values, while testosterone happy Lithuanians and the part of Latvians that run with them, those were the people engaging in such disgraceful practices, although a minorities, it shouldn’t be said that Turaida market sold slaves, Turaida is an ancient Latvian city, and I’d request for proof of such slave-running in Turaida grounds as it is highly questionable, as it is Duchy of Lithuania business at their very worst. Thank you Lithuania, you gathered all the karmic debt we had to pay off with modern occupations, freaks! There’s multiple reasons why Lithuanians will say Latvia and Lithuania are brothers, stick together and bhlabhlabhla and I know better, Latvia is Queen, raped, drowned and burned at the stake many times, but Latvia is Queen, while Lithuania is The Brother, and a bad one, these days selling anything that’s cheap, I wouldn’t ever put us together beyond the border as in the very beginning at proto-baltu split, there was a part of pure baltic people who settled in Latvia and a part who mixed becoming Lithuania, that’s why Lithuania is stronger, it has over a million of petty Latvians in their population, that have long reborn as Lithuanians.

56th minute; I am born Riga girl and although His Story books have attempted to tell me the land I was born is founded by whatever crusader fucks, I never bit that narrative, I memorized the teaching for the test, and then tossed it from my memory, as I knew I am tested by communist establishment, and taught to forget who I am, it simply doesn’t work that way on full blooded regal Baltic folk, you can try to destroy us, we’ll come back singing as we always have done. Riga was always there as our center of gathering as it is a natural trade and traveling route where Daugava flows into the Gulf of the Baltic Sea. The invaders building walls there and saying ”we found this city” while simultaneously murdering off the peaceful pagan natives in the name of the cross to get their space is as ludicrous as Columbus calling America his. Get out of my face. I stand with and for the natives of any land, especially mine.

57th minute; of course there are families who seeing what’s going on will take their children to get baptized before they get murdered, and then you say they were willing affirming how truly evil the establishment of the church is. How can people wear these crosses on their neck and call themselves holy at all? It’s like mad Democrats who say Pro Life and Abortion in the same sentence. You are mad.

1:03; Go Estonians! Tere Tere!

1:11; RIP Curonians.

1:13; Curonians didn’t adopt shit, their language was made crime to speak, their people were made crime to support, and their whole being was wiped off the face of the Earth, turning them into a Legend of Curonians it is now.

1:16; That is exactly how my grandfather Voldemārs Ādamsons died in the channel by the National Opera of Rīga. Do not walk the ice after February, folks.

Subtitles; I see majority of Latvian actors names with foreign name producers, composer Kaspars Bārbals who is the head of the Aułi band affirming why the music is so spot on and authentic throughout this film.

Bottom Line; Overall it is truly insulting and poor depiction of pagans from a lense of a Crusader Christian, who is played by a Baltic Latvian actor, causing more inauthenticity, overall I deem this a confusing peace as people looking for Baltic Pagans – Last Pagans of Europe can find only the very doom of them here, and doom from the Christian Crusader perspective that’s our natural enemy and the executor of Pagan genocide altogether. Unless causing polarizing emotions was the intent of this production to attract attention of the Christians, I feel it was better to name this movie Christian Crusaders in 13th Century Pagan Lands, as honestly the movie did not depict our culture or people, the story is about a Christian, and speaking of someone from a perspective of their enemy is just the wrong way on going about getting to know someone. It is dishonorable of Latvians to allow such combination of plot and tagline. I would not have gotten through watching this without stopping to write in this article, it is just that bothersome, as it is wrong, and I am a full blooded Baltic female, I consider myself a survivor of crusader and soviet genocide, and I am fully conscious of the ancestral heritage, and defensive spite my blood carries on in life as the survivor I am, the movie Pagan King is so far the only film for international audience I support as showing the true lives and people of the Baltics, while this, this was unfair, as the movie has the wrong name, it is insulting to be introduced from a Crusader perspective, especially by the Pagans. Makes no sense. Dislike.

Here’s a trailer for Pagan King, I suggest you watch this film instead.


  1. Thanks for the Pagan King recommendation. I’m currently writing a historical fantasy book set in pagan Prussia and have had a lot of trouble finding good sources. Do you have any other recommendations on good sources about the Baltic pagans (Prussians specifically)?


    1. You’re welcome. Prūši, Prūsieši, Prūšu Zeme, somehow the double s in the word in English rubs off the wrong way reminding of “that big modern political organ”, when it shouldn’t. Prúsyan feels proper, Prūshyan even, the semantics association with the Slavic nation feels offensive to the memory of Prúshyan people, and I’m unsure why anyone writes it that way, aside of purposely drawing false associations “with that country”. There’s probably bits and peace’s in or .com websites I remember writing on our mystery (my story) last year, Curonians especially. There’s some music played and sung by Latvians on YouTube but very few. I know someone who has these answers but she’s a world away, it’s safe to say there’s no reputable sources in English, only Baltic languages as Latvian Lithuanian Estonian Finnish, translating thy material & books online/from archives can be helpful! P


    2. Skyforger.LV
      All have sections on Prūshyan history, sources on specific tribes are easier to find just pick a tribe. The association with somewhat German-language is false as the texts people mostly quote are religious crap written down by Teutonic order, since speaking and writing in Prúsai was outlawed, you won’t find authentic first hand source either.
      Another angle for your writing, since it’s fantasy, to do a Hypnosis/channeling/guided meditation session on the topic to gain intuitive insight as fantasy is fantasy..


      1. Thanks so much. I’m trying my best to make the story as accurate as possible and portray the Baltic Prussian lifestyle correctly (unfortunately we do not have a differentiating word in English). Unfortunately, I only know English, German, and Russian, so source bias is prevalent. I’ve been to skyforager before, but I will have to check out the other two.


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