Fear Of Missing Out on Bitcoin.
I go through the motions of it today, wondering what else to sell to buy more ALT’s that can yield more gains that then can be sold to buy more Bitcoin. Because we all want more Bitcoin, because we are alive when it’s becoming the replacement of bloody gold as the wealth storage.

The positive through is my elder self loaded with gold jewelry as the price of gold will have dropped to amazingly affordable price point. Gold cuffs, gold belly chains, and tie rings, yes please. I look like I own a jewelry store, and I probably do, my older self.

Should we switch to cheaper cars & put the difference in Bitcoin? Husband declines, as we already invest everything we don’t spend. And with two small children, it always seems that we could spend more.

The rich continue to spend like they’re poor and invest like they’re rich, while the poor continue to spend like they’re rich and invest like they’re poor, or nothing, they invest nothing and blame everyone else on their lack of wealth.

But God will never run out. God has it all, for everyone. Except Bitcoin, for there’s just 21 million of it, and that’s it. The good old gold mines can dig and dig, and who decided that gold was a good idea for wealth storage and proof of wealth anyway? You can steal gold all day long, gold is heavy, plenty of gold has sunken to the bottom of the ocean. I like gold as jewelry, that’s it’s natural purpose, it’s warm to the skin, let’s have gold spoons, everyone, and continue with Bitcoin as wealth storage, because it makes sense.

Especially in the new AI era, technologies are here to stay. I see multi-level air traffic and automated flying vehicles as our everyday transportation, implemented in society in next few centuries. Our grandchildren’s grandchildren will live then. And they’ll remember us their ancestors, who ensured their livelihoods and family legacy by buying Bitcoin in early 21st century.

Now, all these years later, living in Miami makes sense. The first crypto city of the world. Now I like to be here. I just wish we’d have been exposed to crypto currencies years ago. I wish I’d have someone in my family who’d have spoken our ears off when Bitcoin was in seedling stage. Don’t we all wish this now. Of course we do. Just look at the kid who invested in Bitcoin at 12, becoming a millionaire by 18, when Bitcoin reached $2000 price point. Today, when BTC is $60 000, possibilities seem endless.

Bitcoin is the fastest growing network in worlds history. Bitcoin is the only technological entity that’s reached a trillion market cap in 12 years.

I like Bitcoin. Do you?

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