I will be a Millionaire

I just bought seven of my favorite lipsticks, each in different color symbolizing each day of the week. Why wouldn’t you buy all of your favorite things. Who even came up with self-denying concept?

I want to have more money than I could ever spend. I want to buy gifts that I want to gift to those I want to shower in gifts. I want to donate money to causes I care about without checking portfolio balances. I want to have enough money to outsource all jobs we don’t want to be doing. Cleaning is not “my meditation”, enjoying a luxury SPA is. My body likes working out with personal trainers, physical therapists and masseuses. I enjoy professional manicures and pedicures, in fact I like cosmetologist to come to my home, same for hair dresser, I don’t like sitting in stinky salons, I like long term relationships with true professionals. I am a loyal lover, I love money when it comes in and I love letting it go, and seeing it come back to me again and again. Giving gifts is so satisfying. I like having enough money so my husband never has to work again for money in his life. He has plenty of passions to indulge his attention in, and he’s worked enough for a couple lifetimes already. We want to have money to do the things we like, all day, every day. Our children will have more money than they could ever spend. Money is supposed to give freedom, enjoyment and nourishment, money is supposed to be celebrated. I like buying nice shoes, nice bags and driving sports cars. I like buying the clothes I like to wear and traveling with my family and dating my mate regularly. And I want to own properties in USA, Latvia and Honduras, and I am open to explore new countries. I like non-religious sensible people who over-stand their power of creation in their own lives and I welcome new quality connections.
I want everyone to know there is enough raw matter in the universe to create the abundance we all want to see in our life, and there’s enough to create yours, and everyone’s you know, and there’s enough for everyone. God will never run out. God will never run out. God has enough.
Word God has multiple meanings to me. God and good are the same word. God is a frequency. God is flow. God is an awareness. I am God. You are God. God is raw matter of the multiverse. God is Ether. That’s sure one of the reasons why I have high bets on Ethereum Network. It aligns with Ophiuchus ⛎ and is an ingredient that’s a part of all that is.
I decline any sort of frugality, in fact I dislike that word as much as I dislike the word budget. 😬 I like spending money, I like shopping, and I am a better person when I feel nourished with good flow of money, love, sex, and spirituality. Goodness is thy God.

I will be a Multi Millionaire.

Miami Latvian.

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