I will be a Millionaire

I just bought seven of my favorite lipsticks, each in different color symbolizing each day of the week. Why wouldn’t you buy all of your favorite things. Who even came up with self-denying concept?

I want to have more money than I could ever spend. I want to buy gifts that I want to gift to those I want to shower in gifts. I want to donate money to causes I care about without checking portfolio balances. I want to have enough money to outsource all jobs we don’t want to be doing. Cleaning is not “my meditation”, enjoying a luxury SPA is. My body likes working out with personal trainers, physical therapists and masseuses. I enjoy professional manicures and pedicures, in fact I like cosmetologist to come to my home, same for hair dresser, I don’t like sitting in stinky salons, I like long term relationships with true professionals. I am a loyal lover, I love money when it comes in and I love letting it go, and seeing it come back to me again and again. Giving gifts is so satisfying. I like having enough money so my husband never has to work again for money in his life. He has plenty of passions to indulge his attention in, and he’s worked enough for a couple lifetimes already. We want to have money to do the things we like, all day, every day. Our children will have more money than they could ever spend. Money is supposed to give freedom, enjoyment and nourishment, money is supposed to be celebrated. I like buying nice shoes, nice bags and driving sports cars. I like buying the clothes I like to wear and traveling with my family and dating my mate regularly. And I want to own properties in USA, Latvia and Honduras, and I am open to explore new countries. I like non-religious sensible people who over-stand their power of creation in their own lives and I welcome new quality connections.
I want everyone to know there is enough raw matter in the universe to create the abundance we all want to see in our life, and there’s enough to create yours, and everyone’s you know, and there’s enough for everyone. God will never run out. God will never run out. God has enough.
Word God has multiple meanings to me. God and good are the same word. God is a frequency. God is flow. God is an awareness. I am God. You are God. God is raw matter of the multiverse. God is Ether. That’s sure one of the reasons why I have high bets on Ethereum Network. It aligns with Ophiuchus ⛎ and is an ingredient that’s a part of all that is.
I decline any sort of frugality, in fact I dislike that word as much as I dislike the word budget. 😬 I like spending money, I like shopping, and I am a better person when I feel nourished with good flow of money, love, sex, and spirituality. Goodness is thy God.

I will be a Multi Millionaire.

Miami Latvian.


Fear Of Missing Out on Bitcoin.
I go through the motions of it today, wondering what else to sell to buy more ALT’s that can yield more gains that then can be sold to buy more Bitcoin. Because we all want more Bitcoin, because we are alive when it’s becoming the replacement of bloody gold as the wealth storage.

The positive through is my elder self loaded with gold jewelry as the price of gold will have dropped to amazingly affordable price point. Gold cuffs, gold belly chains, and tie rings, yes please. I look like I own a jewelry store, and I probably do, my older self.

Should we switch to cheaper cars & put the difference in Bitcoin? Husband declines, as we already invest everything we don’t spend. And with two small children, it always seems that we could spend more.

The rich continue to spend like they’re poor and invest like they’re rich, while the poor continue to spend like they’re rich and invest like they’re poor, or nothing, they invest nothing and blame everyone else on their lack of wealth.

But God will never run out. God has it all, for everyone. Except Bitcoin, for there’s just 21 million of it, and that’s it. The good old gold mines can dig and dig, and who decided that gold was a good idea for wealth storage and proof of wealth anyway? You can steal gold all day long, gold is heavy, plenty of gold has sunken to the bottom of the ocean. I like gold as jewelry, that’s it’s natural purpose, it’s warm to the skin, let’s have gold spoons, everyone, and continue with Bitcoin as wealth storage, because it makes sense.

Especially in the new AI era, technologies are here to stay. I see multi-level air traffic and automated flying vehicles as our everyday transportation, implemented in society in next few centuries. Our grandchildren’s grandchildren will live then. And they’ll remember us their ancestors, who ensured their livelihoods and family legacy by buying Bitcoin in early 21st century.

Now, all these years later, living in Miami makes sense. The first crypto city of the world. Now I like to be here. I just wish we’d have been exposed to crypto currencies years ago. I wish I’d have someone in my family who’d have spoken our ears off when Bitcoin was in seedling stage. Don’t we all wish this now. Of course we do. Just look at the kid who invested in Bitcoin at 12, becoming a millionaire by 18, when Bitcoin reached $2000 price point. Today, when BTC is $60 000, possibilities seem endless.

Bitcoin is the fastest growing network in worlds history. Bitcoin is the only technological entity that’s reached a trillion market cap in 12 years.

I like Bitcoin. Do you?

Response to Avalon Intuitive.

This is a specific post for those looking for it from a special YouTube reading, this is my feedback as it was clearly requested and reminded to post what’s been said and channeled.

First is a visual channeling, second is an improvised recording of a guided meditation, and third is a story of one of my past life regression hypnosis experiences.

Our baby empanadas. Take 1

Having two 5/1 Human Design Profiles at home as both my husband Julio Edgardo and daughter Kaia are these Heretic Investigators, their line 1 being their body demands continuous flow of body feeding goodness, regular exercise and beautiful foods, and new foods that serve as physical-input, contributing to their physical satisfaction. It works out good for me as a 1/4 profile myself, as I am their chef obviously, and my 1 line demands ongoing intellectual food, and doing new things in the kitchen adds to satisfaction of this need, especially when I can write about it.

Today Julio sleeps after a night shift and I figure we’ll catch up on his tiredness with new joyful physical input and make some empanadas, Turnovers in English, Pīrāgi in Latvian.

In store I grabbed a pack of Turnover dough to try& a pack of Organic ground beef I know we like.

Frying up chopped onion with beef, taco seasonings & some salt for the first batch. I then add chopped yellow and green bell peppers in 1/4 of the meat for my own version with veggies.

Grandma Anita Ādamsone said, with kids nothing is perfect but everything gets done. I consider this proper practice of motor skills. Expecting kids-version result from the get go is advisable to prevent any anxiety of how it turns out, as what matters is the child involvement in the real life activities. They won’t remember how empanadas look but they’ll proudly remember making them “by themselves”.
“Close close close“ Next time I’ll strain the filling from extra oil as it’s squishing out the sides of these babies.
Parchment Paper is my baking tray, since moving in this home I haven’t gotten around to buy new oven pans yet but practice shows Parchment Paper is sufficient for baking of small goods, without need to turn them around mid-bake as it cooks both sides quite evenly as it’s just paper there! Less cleaning, more winning ✅
Egg step is optional, put it if you want it, skip it if you’re on egg-free diet. We use fresh farm eggs from our family farmer @underconstruction on IG.
I popped these in the oven on 400 degrees but you can also fry them in your choice of oil, I suggest cooking only in grape seed, coconut and sesames seed oils.
Yum. These came out crunchy! Next time we’ll use higher temperature for shorter baking time and dryer filling as for softer crust result, but if you like a crunchy crust, keep it oily! What’s your favorite empanada?


Are you putting your money in the trash or planting it in your garden?

Moving to Davie has been the best decision we’ve made as a family, the only question we ask is why we didn’t do this six years earlier, and garden space is the one investment in our health and well-being I enjoy the most here.

As Kaia wakes up every day she goes straight outside to check how the seeds germinate and what’s the plant growth progress.

Celery Juice is my new wake up ritual & putting my money back in my garden seems common sense, except it wasn’t when I lived in a condo, looking back I know I could’ve had an apartment garden from so many food scraps that went to trash. I did garden a bit in the city but living on the first floor in a home with a garden bed outdoors it comes more naturally.

We live and we learn.

1inch in height is what I leave for planting.
1/2inch of water in a bowl, I stash the hearts and plant them once I decide where to 🙂
The more water the more growth, celery isn’t a big rooter but it readily yields new greenery.


Celery hearts can be put on the window sills in about 1/2 inch of water, changing the water every few days and giving it moderate sunlight the heart will start rooting as new celery stalks grow from the tops, the plant is then ready to be put in a pot to be a part of in home edible garden.

Or, go pop the heart straight in the soil outside, especially in soaking wet soil, and make sure it stays moist. Leave the very center of the heart open, only stabilizing the celery in the soil enough for it to stay put, leaving the middle part uncovered and breathing as that’s where the new growth will show.

Let’s put our money back in our garden!

Wisdom X Venom 🐍

Glass Half Full

Celery Juice is a global trend, everyone in pop culture is in the loop of trying it, having it daily, or even advocating for it as Sylvester Stallone on his own social media. I of course happily ignore any public hype and this time I wish I’d heard of it years earlier! But now that I have my hands on Medical Mediums book Thyroid Healing, I am feeling weaponized with knowledge & at peace finally and fully being explained the truth of my body never ever ever having attacked itself. Since being diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroditis three months post partum of the birth of my first child, I never accepted this narrative, while Epstein-Barr Virus and global viral pandemic of multiple viral strains make absolute perfect sense in my analytical mind, especially during the Covid-19 Plandemic happenings.

Anyway, let’s talk the goods! Celery Juice a day keeps the Bullshit away!

Wake up, chip it, juice it, or in my case blend it, as my pricey Life Long Warranty Omega Juicer has broken down, mashing the veggies in circles, not squeezing anything aside of my nerve endings, and I remember in the past receiving Omega juicer parts for free, while after Covid, the office of theirs doesn’t respond, and I’ve kinda given up on it since discovering the mini blender juce prep is way quicker than the cold press juicer process of putting it together, juicing it slowly, then taking it apart, washing all crevices, all that business isn’t for young moms is what I’ll say. Blender it is.

A few seconds of noise and it’s done ✅
Juice straining step has added benefit of increasing grip strength. For days my hands would be sore at first, as I really go at it to get all the goodies out, but with time it gets better and quicker, and I do wake up craving this green machine ✅
Making the juice is always messier than what’s shown on YouTube! BUT making it in a Magic Bullet or alike mini blender is quickest and cleanest way.

The cleanup consists of rinsing the cutting boards and the knife I use to chop up the celery, as I put a bit of left over juice back in the blender, seal it and pop it in the fridge for tomorrow’s juicing. This is the best way as you don’t want to be adding water to dilute the juice to get the blending going, I suggest leaving a couple ounces of juice for the next batch instead.

Here’s the back cover of Celery Juice Book by Medical Medium, I don’t have it myself as I picked up the Thyroid Healing one, but whoever needs detailed explanation on why Celery Juice, and why without that little lime lemon apple and whatever else in it, look into this. And keep your juice clean and drink them cocktails later in the day! 🙂

October 20 2020 Bitcoin breaches 12k

We are no Satoshi Nakamoto but we are wise to follow his example by getting into Bitcoin & frantically telling all our friends with kids about it. Got kids? Teach them words as Blockchain, Crypto, Ethereum and the original Bitcoin. Just sow the seed & the kids will do the rest, it’s in their futures.

You can start with monitoring Bitcoin stock on CashApp. Or, if you have a cash side gig, take those payments in Bitcoin and stash your Satoshi’s now!

Governments stash thy Bitcoin too, by seizing it from criminals with help of FBI, so if you follow what government says about crypto, unless you’re looking at Australia news flows and their Crypto-fluent airport, you won’t find much, as the masses will experience the removal of paper money and banks as middle man as a sudden change, when it isn’t, cryptocurrency is implemented for years, and the collapse of the dollar is inevitable as is. This is happening folks. Whoever’s wise to protect thy pension accounts by stashing them in crypto, has a better chance in actually receiving all that you’ve worked for. And if you haven’t worked for pension, good, as you have the opportunity to learn a new system with a fresh eye, and be an expert in crypto implementation in your area, in urban city or under the rock in country, humans will steadily return to Barter Economy, that’s secured with a new form of payment system.

I am just saying, look into it.

Regular investments reaching 10% annual return are obviously considered awesome as is, meanwhile crypto is hostile but absolutely breaching that 10% mark, so wannabe traders & investors, look into it!
Sow seeds before breakfast. I confidently shun and avoid public school education as I think it is outdated and backwards. Kids don’t need to spend hours listening to anyone, they need to do their own thing, and be planted with beneficial words and ideas to build on. Our daughter handles CashApp Debit Card at the store since she said “I want free money” to a bank teller at two years old. Because fostering entrepreneurial thinking matters. Put your kids on Crypto Homework 📚 and as you blink twice, watch them teaching YOU about Blockchain.

Also, whoever feels far from being an investor yet close to a decision to do something about their finances, taking charge of ya money, I am here to point you in the right direction. Good people in need of credit restoration services, a new cellular plan, travel plan, shopping & otherwise money saving and/or business opportunity in all of the above, I am here to assist you as Agent with Financial Education Services, Click on the link to explore the product catalogue we offer, and subscribe to my newsletter as our portfolio is rapidly expanding. I can be reached to the phone number provided. I especially like to remind people the service “Credit My Rent” to renters who got to know, You Can credit your rent payments towards your credit score. You Can grab your own FES franchise profile if you like the idea of having a side-gig or a new full blown career online in finance. 2020 is the perfect time to turn crisis into an opportunity! For who’s 100% due to catch up with thy credit, dispute expired or erroneous debt, tax liens and collections, click on my United Credit Education Services Enrollment Link it is an all inclusive, guided services package serving people in America. You simply sing up, follow the directions provided, and achieve your goal be it to restore your credit, protect your identity, create a financial lockbox, or arrange your will & living trust, you can accomplish all tasks at the same time for the price of one service, going at your own pace, with ease, clarity, credit attorney office and excellent customer support.

Last look at the Bitcoin right now…

Are we hitting 13k today? Yassssss

Let’s be wealthy my dear 🐍

Publicity rights.

Because the technology we all use daily now is so new and fast advancing, people complain about unwanted posts of them online, or commit to ignoring it in silence which is self sabotaging, self-oppression, feeling embarrassed yet helpless to protect oneself, what kind of life is it. Why would you live that way. You got your list of human rights. Defend them. Pure simplicity.

Upsetting, defamatory and otherwise public posts harmful to psychological well-being or professional reputation of another can and should be taken care of with legal counsel. Freedom of speech warrants people get to speak the truths online as public space, but if you have denied consent of use of your imagery or association overall, asserting your will as a free human being, and your rights are disregarded and violated on ongoing basis anyway, go defend those rights human! You own your life. And you owe yourself to do right by yourself and own your space, and in 2020 it is your face in the cyberspace, and if you don’t want it there, you get to remove it legally. Yes, You!

Violation of law is a crime and purposeful, willful, conscious violating of free will of another is disturbingly socially acceptable phenomena in cyberspace that has to be purged already.

I have signed plenty of image release and non disclosure forms to affirm, the people that know of this, your rights of your own public image, respect the image of another. And photographers especially know that at the end the model (you!) owns the rights to her own image, that’s why young photographers are especially keen and careful in obtaining model releases, but at the end you get to change your mind and remove consent of use of your own image as a model and that’s the end of it. You always have the right of your image, and I mean your physical face, it’s not just celebrities and big shots who can sue one another, all people got to know your image is your property, and denying your consent of use of your image to another person, puts them as violators of the law of your publicity rights. Period!

This is exactly how you can go about dealing with your own lives demons, first write them a message of denial of consent of using their images, using words as “remove all my pictures from your page you don’t have my consent to post my images” is enough once, but of course evidence of having stated your will and claim of your own public image multiple times can be good for a successful outcome in court as cyber cases are new yet booming business expected to only grow each year. In our family, we have six years worth of evidence of publicity and privacy rights violations and ongoing violations of this persons parental position for personal means that have been plain emotional pestering on her end, while it’s been life, and children affecting in ours.

Yes it is hurtful and maddening. And no you’re not weak for addressing it, your feelings are valid and so are your rights and freedom of choice and freedom of free will, whoever attempts to triangulate your families in eating it for them gaslighting you, add your experience to the police report, and then sue with confidence. Even if you lose in court over corruption that’s beyond your control, I encourage people to know and defend their rights to transcend the Christian-church conditioning of turning the other cheek and overall succumbing to accepting whatever the hell someone else wants you to accept. You have the right to say no. And you have the right to appeal.

Having your rights asserted is one thing, being paired with a judge who is of the better part of human gene pool to actually do a good job is another. Laws work in theory, but in practice applied we see majorly corrupt opinionated system. For example, once I lost in a case of theft of cash money where my pretty blue fresh from ATM paper hundred dollar bills were showed being counted under the cash register from surveillance camera recording, yet the thief got away as not guilty and the amazing part is I couldn’t even call him a thief in life as he got away as not guilty, isn’t that crazy. The only explanation I can come up for this was a fully black jury and myself being in especially good mood that day, and of course the only white person there aside of my appointed attorney. It was surreal to experience, like the movie scene of where you’re watching something wrong but you keep yourself together as you know it is just a movie. But this wasn’t!!!! With more people being courageous in defending their rights and freedoms we as a society have the chance of cleaning up this gene pool making an impact towards the good of all.

Jab – Cross

Being martial artists wife, I’ve done the jab-cross drills and can apply them to human interaction of affirming duality.

Let’s apply multiple examples to show how Jab-Cross dynamics plays out in human society with my own real life examples.

The jab is the initial regurgitating response of the average observer, bully or otherwise normal person and it is that straight line of thought process going from stimulus to observing to more stimulus and observing, Jab Jab, it is the modern short attention spans and people watching Telly. Majorly Consumers.

The cross is the original thought, the unexpected, overlooked angle, or the actual content as Jabs are used to set up Crosses, the disregarded reality and the authentic flow of a spiral thought process from stimulus to observing to conceptualizing to prototyping to testing and measuring, learning, iterating, and repeating with the next stimulus, or most likely another Jab. It is the Crosses of the society creating everything on Telly. Majorly Creators.

Today alone I saw a line of slurs written of me as “a silly/jealous/sad/psychotic/little girl” and as I read the clearly hateful (Jab!) words by yet another stranger I wondered what is their problem with little girls as I instantly recognize an issue with the feminine there, and I also wondered how many years of evolution the collective has to go through to discontinue the need for extremism in affirming duality at its extreme ends at all times, as y’all want balance right. How profoundly vile and child hating someone has to be to use words as little girl, little boy, and kiddie to attempt to bully someone, just goes to affirm their inner children are wounded in their childhood, and honestly most of ours are, but I hoped to witness society where adults act like adults and take care of the children, even if it’s the inner child of yourself or someone else, as humans have caused massive child abuse culture worldwide and it is literally a CULTURE that is insane, no, using words of children as implied curse words is not indicative of a good person, and I encourage you to raise your standards of what and who you accept, dismissing the pop culture as it is profoundly diseased and children are suffering from the undoing and dismissal of the adults.

Latvian Survivor in me is skipping over the insult part of the whole experience as me calling a long term bully who’s imposed on my now second pregnancy, today a fifty three year old female, older than my own mother, a narcissistic old woman is an okay and justified description of her in my own semantics decoding and personal life experience, in context of an outburst of a rant at 27 weeks of my pregnancy as I am beyond done with her personal attempts on my family’s private space. Over it. Meanwhile, a complete stranger, from Bronx out of all places, thank you, calling me, a woman that’s freshly 30, pregnant, raising a child, taking care of a household, opening and closing businesses left and right calling ME a little girl just feels and let’s admit it IS odd, which means this Jab has to be of someone old and bitter like an average Democrat.

Jab will ask for your sources and education wearing hierarchy like smelly shoes because they survived in it so they got to make themselves proud of it. Crosses tend to say I am the source and I am a wise ass dropout creator respecting the Synchronic Order of things and matter.

Jab will predictably say it’s double standards to say I can call a 53 year old bully an old narcissist but the same cannot call me a little girl, but a Cross recognizes common sense of me being an adult woman, that’s a mother to a little girl, and the emotionalism of narcissistic minions is swiftly dismissed especially as there’s a slur of meaningless cursing and projecting.

Jabs have a linear jabbing way of doing virtually everything, they are quick to insult, quick to threaten, quick to lay off and quick to repeat, but Crosses observe and gather evidence until crossing out the jab altogether to prevent further jabs from being thrown at them altogether.

Jabs are quick to assume the right of causing terror without repercussions, like your everyday liberal in radical left today, Crosses are the preparers, the alpha males and the underdogs who deal until a point and then curve thy hand and respond with massive action, strike of a Cross.

Jabs comment said writing out ones thought in depth while married and having kids is wrong and a sign of misery, while Crosses see the books, movie scripts, policies and laws weren’t written by the three word Jab Karens but by Crosses who do the psychological self care of practicing overthinking and applying the conclusions Gained.

Jabs say people with kids don’t have time to write. Crosses make that curve thought and think of how did this person manage to create a life to have the opportunity and time to write, in fact thank you Jab for reminding me my luxuries. I can tell you, switching the hours of ya visual entertainment can give you the time to write for yourself if you so desire.

Jabs attempt to diagnose me or any other Multipotentialite as Bipolar or “insert the first psychiatric diagnosis or physical disease that comes to mind” and project thy lack of foresight on us attempting to paint us into the ugly duckling when Crosses know we are mostly androgynous brained and out of all Bi’s simply Bisexual and swans, balanced and cut-throat when it goes to responding to injustice.

Jabs like to project their repressed emotionalism spilling it as rage outwardly while Crosses channel it purposely, acknowledging emotions as fleeting, feelings as permanent & practicing mindfulness. Again, since in martial arts the jabs are used to set up our crosses, the Jab of a Cross is the ultimate experience.

I am honored and grateful to be trained by the same man who’s trained the worlds elite soldiers. As a soldiers daughter, I appreciate the authentic experience of my fathers maker.
Photo credit paparazzi street photographer Dean Lautermilch.

As a Cross knowing my spite of injustice and having empathic human design is calling for the narcissistic minions torches to be pointed my way as hated by all is written in my natal birth chart aspects interpretations, I prevent Jabs at me legally by having long taken care of that diagnostics myself as I see counseling as a part of self-care and I am grateful for the luxury of being able to rant to my therapist one hour at a time cleansing my energy from any everyday anxiety build up, voiding me forming unnecessary friendships based on a need for validation or otherwise a need for a therapist as honestly, let’s admit it, mashing in an arranged friends pool, up-keeping truthful or false relationships for the sake of having someone to talk to is exhausting, people genuinely don’t want to deal with people, that’s why there’s a plague of cats and dogs being your best friend over your own species. I love animals but I sleep with humans, and call my children humans, I’ll just leave it at that as my response to my psychological health thank you. I like counseling and think it’s a better investment than beauty salon visits at same frequency. To my dear Jabs disappointment I am acknowledged as perfectly competent by Your preferred point of reference, and we work towards securing a peaceful home birth experience, keep my Thyroid supported & nerves at ease to prevent post partum complications at the hormonal drop of three months post partum.

Beauty Treatments matter most to Jabs but Psychological Treatment matters most to Crosses, while Jabs are the ones needing them the most and Crosses being the self sacrificial kind can definitely use more of that beauty self care the Jabs so obsessively engage in. Jabs are the women who willfully schedule a Cesarean without any emergency whatsoever and Jabs are the ones who built a business around health insurance and hospital policies absolutely turning humans away from humanity, while Crosses are educated females who see birth as a natural process and will birth their own children themselves like a human should. Jabs see child birth as an emergency, Crosses; as a rite of passage. Jabs medicate themselves and their yet unborn children while Crosses embrace The Ring of Fire. Jabs frantically feed formula to their kids, vaccinate all that’s on the menu while Crosses are the people taking care of implementing new policies & rebuilding of the law system to prevent and stop such crimes to human species.

That said, sharing hated by all birth chart aspects with profoundly outstanding crosses of females as Melania Trump and Ann Coulter sits with me just alright. It is funny how even reading their names gives a tantrum to any average Jab.

Let’s dig in more shall we. This Jab person was attempting to bully me over me not having a car, or job, at my 24 writing something as “kiddie kiddie go back to your kiddie pool”, first if she attempted to sound as an elder, she sounded as a profoundly damaged and evil one and I don’t wish such maternal narcissism on anyone. But again I can respond as a Cross; as at a time I had just gotten off of a Mega Yacht I spent night shifts navigating from UK through Gibraltar down the coast of Spain to France and Italy. Kiddie knew how to navigate boats internationally, living life in the ocean, and once my mermaid tail was put on a shelf marrying a land-dwelling Prince Charming, I went to get my American drivers license at 9th month of my first pregnancy as I knew I’ll have to drive in the new mom shoes and time for city life overall. Noteworthy, as she in her midlife crisis so proudly speaks ill of a young stranger, driving her Nissan Rouge to her time trading job as a Jab, I solely deal only with entrepreneurial projects and my first car now is a Porsche Cayenne, and admitting it only makes me feel compassion for the Jabs carelessness to undermine another, for the sake of what exactly? To hear yet another truth you don’t want to hear? I know by time I am the age of any of my bullies, I will be ultra-polished in my diplomatic approach of responding all matters but right now I am a mama bear fuming over bullying people imposing on my life, I own each bit of the journey of ranting the hell on about it for as long as I will, and I expect them to simply evolve and be better people already. I cannot I will not accept old bullying people in anyone’s life, period! I think synchronic order of things in the universe demands a degree of dignity in behaviors of our elders, it demands support and a positive example from the older to the young, but what I witness in society daily is the opposite. We are surrounded by whiny, needy, burdensome and grumpy old people who first of all damaged their own lives and children with whatever nonsenses they created in their own past and its pop culture and all because of their ego, greed and perpetual state of wanting to attack someone else. What is it with humans. What is it with you.

Jabs are competitive, and Crosses roll thy eyes at it.

See the pattern of Jab-Cross yet? The Jab is a straight hit, it is alarming as the yellow warning sign, it gets your noradrenaline going as you see it thrown at you and it is irritating but it is incomplete as you have a response to it, while the Cross is curved and can actually takes one out the whole Jabbing about it thing. The Jab is intense and packs a punch but Cross is what will take out pretty much any Jab who’s too focused on linear movement and being overall psychologically blocked while the Cross is the cut throat. Jabs are your doers, Crosses are your beings.

I fancied martial arts since I knew my father loved and practiced them since running barefoot in the sand dunes by the Baltic Sea in Upesgrīva and my mom was trained by two champion boxers who were her neighbors as a youngster in Latvia. My father carried the book of Bruce Lee on his heart and it saved his life once. My mom escaped a gang rape situation with Russians by applying a swift kick from a train, while her untrained friend was taken. I admire and appreciate the art of self defense.
To JET, I Thank You for being the Cross making us all safer.

A bunch of pestering senior Jabs assumed they get to impose on a mans life based on early age associations with him, and I readily respond with a double Cross and a true story there too as being attacked while pregnant myself and seeing my husband being attacked behind his back stings differently, it is appalling of the Jabs to impose present associations with someone solely because of past experience with a person, and especially needy and malevolent are those who impose associations or knowing someone in adult life when the only reference point they have is adolescent years of the person. Yes we can both just laugh you off, or accept you laughing about us, but can you just evolve already and live with integrity so we all can do more meaningful things on Earth altogether?

For example, an average Jab stranger attempted to undermine a man by saying they remember him as a poor bagel boy who was, according to their Jab vision scope, needed to be helped and raised, (by a bunch of older women, and I mean WAY older) when a Cross that knows the Jabs are speaking of at a time 20 years young hard-working immigrant who for the first two weeks did sandwich making side jobs in the Bagel Shop, was noticed as an excellent worker and got a raise from then his $5 per hour minimum wage salary, being given the task of making the bread itself from the recipes provided. In a few days Robert the boss asked him; “where are your recipe books”, JET answered, “all in my head”, as he kept working as he was making 22 different kinds of breads there, the boss looked at him with a scary eye but realizing he’s looking at his best worker, he raised his salary to $11 per hour making him the main bread maker making 800 pounds of dough per day and the breads from it, working day and night shifts handling the bread making process, supplying surrounding universities and shops with fresh bread daily, arranging the store for the opening or closing, entertaining the customers as they lined up at the store for their coffee and breakfast, feeding so many people in his early age! How profoundly beautiful and romantic is that of an experience and contribution! I celebrate the bagel boy and I have a special love for bread makers as my god mother is a professional chef, she with my mom always baked at home and other baked goods of highest class and multiple layers and flours, when I first saw what a cake is in America I felt sorry for people as our house women always made as I now learn all European Tortes with different fillings and obviously you make it from scratch as they say it in America, when in Latvia it’s called COOKING! Also, one of my first paid jobs was in a private banquet bakery where for two weeks I made cakes for weddings and special events, and bread snacks as pīrāgi for local stores in Plācis, Latvia. My hands hurt from the work but I liked the smells of all the sweets and hey eating a wedding cake scraps every day for lunch as a 10th grader was a good deal. Got pimples and sore hands for mixing the creams but I survived and smile at remembering that kitchen. Also, one of my closest people in life did the bakery work while we were in school, I remember visiting her at work as she was mixing up the batches of flours and skipping the enhancements that were on the labels as everyone considered them unnecessary but European Union laws required “putting it in” so people just stamped that shit on the label without putting the thing in the bread and I loved it about this company! The fresh smell and hot crust of the bread loafs, the little muffins she’d give me and bring to school to our poorer classmates, friends or school principle, with her eyes blood shot, hands red and dry with skin on her palms and fingers cracked from handling so much bread with her young hands. My sweet dancer tandem girl Ilze worked at her bread bakery as the main employee at her 25, and my now husband worked the same job from 20 till 25, so although I wasn’t there personally for my hubby as I was 6 years old when he started that job, I can fully vouch for someone who’s worked so hard in their youth, as I’ve witnessed the character and seen the hands of a true bread maker. So the Jabs can sit down. How disrespectful is to even attempt to shun someone physically feeding the masses implying it is a bad job, haven’t you eaten bread in life? Where is your gratitude for common folk, do you shun the farmers too? Who else? That person sounds empty and single and got to be with a desk job as he was speaking of a good job in the mans later life. God knows I dislike man-twigs, especially in context of giving poor financial advice to their own family, and bullying absolute stranger simultaneously. Besides, on a walk-through in this Kendall’s bagel shop that we went to with our child now, I loved seeing the wonder in my husbands eyes remembering his early efforts, speaking to Robert his former boss who to this day calls JET his best employee, and this is 20 years later. Recognizing the full cycle of an apprentice outgrowing thy teacher, it is a beautiful experience. Once the young boy grew into a young man and readily moved on to the next chapter of his work life, he received a support letter of excellence that warranted him being hired on the next milestone… into his today full blown 1% career as an applied Multipotentialite.

And although he hasn’t made a loaf of bread for us at home yet, he thinks he might in his retirement as he counts a recipe off the top of his head of the ingredients for 100lbs of dough; 12lbs brown sugar, 45lbs water, half a block of yeast…….. Outrageous!

To this day, heading out the door he sometimes says, time to make the bagels!


Okay, thirteen minutes in this Documentary, I am semi-fuming over absolute disrespect to the last pagans of Europe and the obvious agenda of this Youtube Movies fiction flick to send subliminal messages further demonizing MY ANCESTORS. Making a mental note for karmic repercussions for such dishonoring of our already mocked and sacrificed peoples and culture, I continue watching this shit.

In thirteen minutes alone there’s so much wrong with this tape, first of all the very beginning looking at Pagans from a perspective of a Crusader worshipping Christian Dane who’s all horrified of Pagans chopping off a head of a Holy Father yes that chubby ass male in a dress who went out on a limb into Sacred Forest to collect firewood. The very name of the movie is BALTIC TRIBES, yet the whole flick begins with Danish dude vomiting on a boat, him being a Christian, there’s a mention of this being 13th century, so Denmark had just conveyed to the New World Order along with the rest of Europe, with mass murders, terrorism and literal crucifying being the way of People Conveying to Christianity by Masses changing the world forever. Eye-roll!!! When the whole world is destroyed as the Europeans knew it, and there’s a crusader walking straight into the last sane peoples (pagans) most valued sacred place (the forest), knowing the fatty male the delusional Christians call holy is one of the peoples directly having murdered and endangered their whole world as they knew it, them being the last Pagans as they know it, don’t you think you’d chop his head off? Of course you would. Ahh this is such a nasty plot to diminish our peoples, it is sickening. And I as a naive pagan naively imagined I will see an actual documentary about the life of our ancestors, something like in the movie Pagan King about Namejs ring, but no, you got to stick the greedy Danes in there as Danes to this day want to assert their smarts over Balts implying They came up with the first flag in the world, when it was the Baltic Latvians, Period.

Oh my and then the Galindian wife beating comes up, that’s absolute rubbish too, yes the Baltic tribes absolutely ruled and built the area that’s now the diabolical capital of Moscow, but Balts would also invite a foreign man to sleep with the mans wife to improve the genetic material of the tribe, I even remember my grandma telling stories of this matter as a child, it is common sense to feed the guest, and having sex and getting beat for it is certainly a practice and dogma of modern religions, and the Christians who’s perspective is projected on our ancestors while creating this movie.

By 22nd minute I can tell you the plot twist here is simple, the Galindians would have shot out their bullets at the very approach of whatever Christians on sight, they would not host them, and the guest they would host, would be sleeping with the women if that’s deemed necessary by the family. Also, the multiple wife thing is an exaggeration, forgetting to mention the female leadership in the whole family formation to begin with, again canceling the oh so Christian standard wife beating scenario. How dare you.

25th minute reference; Kuršaitis (Lithuanian) cutting off his hair simply clears the energy, there’s no begging for forgiveness, Baltic rituals are tied to the Earth and the Elements, while Christian perception likes to see our way as a ritual, it is not even that. The dude simply cut off his hair to renew energy, as living energy circulates at first 5cm of the hair, the rest being the memory and wisdom of what’s experienced, after an intense event, as running from the attack and venturing in the forest (that wasn’t forbidden for the Kuršaitis as a pagan but was for the loser he was toggling along, anyway), had left him with PTSD, he cut off his hair to have a rush of new energy, gaining strength. This is not a ritual, it is common sense. Out with the old, in with the new.

26th minute; nobody sacrificed a whole goat for a Danish Christian with fever, let’s just forget it, that is absurd. Nope, never happened. Also, for a Christian to say their gods ask sacrifice of bread and wine while pagan gods ask for blood of livestock implying yet another evil thing in Baltic peoples, lets remember the Christians pretend drinking the blood of Jesus, mirroring actual vampirism, cannibalism, and whatever else hypocrisy that’s to us satanism in itself. The simple truth here is the pagans have way more gratitude of all that is, and food that’s hard to raise and gather in rough climate especially, the goats are raised for a few seasons, and killing of them is special, as people are grateful for their meat, and they kill it in gratitude keeping the animal peaceful, splattering its blood onto other animals or their homes in appreciation of the life energy they have harvested, sharing it with their environment, to maximize abundance. Men sitting around fire is what men do when fire needs to be kept going, so slow-cooking bread is a fun thing to do while waiting on the goat to cook. Pure simplicity, those two words should be the definition of Pagan.

28th minute; the ungrateful Dane continues to mock his healer for healing him, calling the herbal holistic plant medications and herbals a witch craft as a good ol’ Christian patriarch does and calls his healing Miraculous, like having a burning steel up his back wasn’t enough to properly disinfect his wound and say I got medical care by a local medicine woman. Nope, not for a bloody Christian.

36th minute; you people are disgusting, whoever allowed such derogatory words to be used about our favorite, most precious and sacred holiday that is midsummer solstice celebration. The expression of gratitude for the summer that is so short, people practicing gratitude with all that is, and bathing nude shedding away any negative energy, embracing each other and the tribe as one, doing a naked run one time a year, it is a peaceful and even childish ritual practice I remember fondly, and everyone is full of laughs and giggles, you showing it as blasphemy is insulting to our ancestors and our families now. Showing a pair of boobs over the whole village naked is totally convenient to stir the narrative in your desired direction. Of cours it is my boobs you desire above knowing my culture. Disgrace.

37th minute; Yes ethnobotany, that is actual Botany was widely known from elders to children who all were a part of gathering herbals, berries, mushrooms and alike. The psilocybin mushroom physically renews brain cells, if you’d explore the subject you might learn why our brain mass is biggest out of all other human species on Earth. We have mushroom gathering championships to this day in Latvia, and although the healing mushrooms are illegal now, I see it as a temporary glitch in society, lasting for as long the Christian Brainwashing is ongoing. Once Latvian folk return to paganism, there wont be a devil in hell to deny people their centuries long used and proven plant medications.

39th minute; that is a beautiful midsummer solstice run, yet you’ve still divided the youth off the village and that’s not how this went, people have always run together, the young the old, there’s no division whatsoever, but you just want to make it pretty, not authentic, so carry on.

40th minute; why is the narrator speaking in past tense when we carry out the same celebration every year, on 21st of June year by year, ever since? And the whole country celebrates Līgo on 23rd of June 24th being Jāńi. This is suspiciously odd as I see Latvian Culture Capital Preservation Fund as supporters of this movie, this tells me the establishment is so highjacked by the Russians, the Latvians have lost their own way of presenting themselves, this is sad. Nobody’s running around bonfire naked either, it’s a swim, God, I can’t even….

55th minute; Explain to me how exactly buying enslaved people is a part of Christian Religion. I swear I hate you with a passion, especially as Latvians have only been the victim, as Latvians have always remained loyal to their values, while testosterone happy Lithuanians and the part of Latvians that run with them, those were the people engaging in such disgraceful practices, although a minorities, it shouldn’t be said that Turaida market sold slaves, Turaida is an ancient Latvian city, and I’d request for proof of such slave-running in Turaida grounds as it is highly questionable, as it is Duchy of Lithuania business at their very worst. Thank you Lithuania, you gathered all the karmic debt we had to pay off with modern occupations, freaks! There’s multiple reasons why Lithuanians will say Latvia and Lithuania are brothers, stick together and bhlabhlabhla and I know better, Latvia is Queen, raped, drowned and burned at the stake many times, but Latvia is Queen, while Lithuania is The Brother, and a bad one, these days selling anything that’s cheap, I wouldn’t ever put us together beyond the border as in the very beginning at proto-baltu split, there was a part of pure baltic people who settled in Latvia and a part who mixed becoming Lithuania, that’s why Lithuania is stronger, it has over a million of petty Latvians in their population, that have long reborn as Lithuanians.

56th minute; I am born Riga girl and although His Story books have attempted to tell me the land I was born is founded by whatever crusader fucks, I never bit that narrative, I memorized the teaching for the test, and then tossed it from my memory, as I knew I am tested by communist establishment, and taught to forget who I am, it simply doesn’t work that way on full blooded regal Baltic folk, you can try to destroy us, we’ll come back singing as we always have done. Riga was always there as our center of gathering as it is a natural trade and traveling route where Daugava flows into the Gulf of the Baltic Sea. The invaders building walls there and saying ”we found this city” while simultaneously murdering off the peaceful pagan natives in the name of the cross to get their space is as ludicrous as Columbus calling America his. Get out of my face. I stand with and for the natives of any land, especially mine.

57th minute; of course there are families who seeing what’s going on will take their children to get baptized before they get murdered, and then you say they were willing affirming how truly evil the establishment of the church is. How can people wear these crosses on their neck and call themselves holy at all? It’s like mad Democrats who say Pro Life and Abortion in the same sentence. You are mad.

1:03; Go Estonians! Tere Tere!

1:11; RIP Curonians.

1:13; Curonians didn’t adopt shit, their language was made crime to speak, their people were made crime to support, and their whole being was wiped off the face of the Earth, turning them into a Legend of Curonians it is now.

1:16; That is exactly how my grandfather Voldemārs Ādamsons died in the channel by the National Opera of Rīga. Do not walk the ice after February, folks.

Subtitles; I see majority of Latvian actors names with foreign name producers, composer Kaspars Bārbals who is the head of the Aułi band affirming why the music is so spot on and authentic throughout this film.

Bottom Line; Overall it is truly insulting and poor depiction of pagans from a lense of a Crusader Christian, who is played by a Baltic Latvian actor, causing more inauthenticity, overall I deem this a confusing peace as people looking for Baltic Pagans – Last Pagans of Europe can find only the very doom of them here, and doom from the Christian Crusader perspective that’s our natural enemy and the executor of Pagan genocide altogether. Unless causing polarizing emotions was the intent of this production to attract attention of the Christians, I feel it was better to name this movie Christian Crusaders in 13th Century Pagan Lands, as honestly the movie did not depict our culture or people, the story is about a Christian, and speaking of someone from a perspective of their enemy is just the wrong way on going about getting to know someone. It is dishonorable of Latvians to allow such combination of plot and tagline. I would not have gotten through watching this without stopping to write in this article, it is just that bothersome, as it is wrong, and I am a full blooded Baltic female, I consider myself a survivor of crusader and soviet genocide, and I am fully conscious of the ancestral heritage, and defensive spite my blood carries on in life as the survivor I am, the movie Pagan King is so far the only film for international audience I support as showing the true lives and people of the Baltics, while this, this was unfair, as the movie has the wrong name, it is insulting to be introduced from a Crusader perspective, especially by the Pagans. Makes no sense. Dislike.

Here’s a trailer for Pagan King, I suggest you watch this film instead.