Ten years of “social” profile, thousands of images, videos, some ten thousand contacts, five business pages, three YouTube channels, and all but forty-something phone contacts, text and WhatsApp message histories, Pinterest boards and any unused or overused App and email inboxes, all blanked within one day, as lets be honest, deleting online footprint takes a lot of work.

Results? Feeling as if the world became brighter, birds louder and cars slower. Holy clarity.

I knew whoever matters has saved my contact in their devices, thus it was exhilarating to delete all of my social media.

Now a few weeks into recovering my sovereignity I recognize I have been sleeping more, seems my brain is recovering from daily quickening experienced from the flickering lights, colors and information streams thrown in my face on daily basis. I notice the slowness of present moment, as when writing new rhymes or making a new recipe, I enjoy everything more, my wants and why’s are more concrete, I like this, everyday now feels as that day running naked in the dunes, simply being free.

How’s your social media experience?

What is, is only now and now is all that is.

Phoenix Bob Dylan & 2027

As the world comes to a choking standstill of confusion as the post covid19 mayhem is about to kick in, ending the aeon of The Planner that’s been guiding and arranging human lives since early sixteen hundreds, we’re now living through a loop of Gene Key 19 activation, and while the news and the renegades can agree to disagree knowing our lives are meant to be split into two different worlds as is, one mob hanging on to the Patriarchal ways of The Planner until they perish, missing the point that we’re living the goodbye stage of it, the last seven years of descent into the lap of the Sleeping Phoenix that’s about to rise and rise ruling the ways of the world for another four hundred years. There’s no escape, there’s no need to repent, the Phoenix is coming back and staying here. The Phoenix, The Dragon, the raven for the Elven race, Quetzalquatl for the Maya, Divine Feminine Serpent, it’s all the same archetype of Freedom and Magic of it.

Here’s the first global initiate of the Phoenix energy who’s energy swept through the world as the ringing in on what’s to come. Bob Dylan, and the most appropriate sing of today for the humans filing for unemployment & hoping on avoiding foreclosures, the people rethinking their life choices, the people waiting on the post-apocalyptic experience of the New World, Like a Rolling Stone, listen on the Headphones.

How does it Feel? To be on your own. With no direction home. Like a complete unknown. Like a Rolling Stone.

Bob Dylan as a 6/4 profile Role Model Opportunist being of Single Definition is the one influence that’s easy to catch for everyone, that’s how he became the first and only man to this day to have won Grammys, Golden Globes, Noble Prize and an Oscar, his legacy being that of Freedom.

Encouragement to be yourself, to connect to your internal monarchy, and follow your heart, non pretentious pure simplicity of dragon blood Presence that can’t be faked or repeated, it can only be witnessed and acknowledged for the superior assistance and gift it is.

Tossing aside the ego and nonsense of modern day bureaucracy, the world will split between the naturalists and futurologists, the people returning to what’s important, and people pushing for life on other planets, giving way for the return of Dragon Court and completely new World Government. If you study the lyrics, you can find them quite prophetic.

Though I know that evening’s empire has returned into sand
Vanished from my hand
Left me blindly here to stand but still not sleeping
My weariness amazes me, I’m branded on my feet
I have no one to meet
And the ancient empty street’s too dead for dreaming

Before an event, there’s always a warning, like before an MMA match, there’s always a ringer, a teller, a narrator, screaming what’s next. It was Bob Dylan in the last century, ringing in the future.

Beautiful if you ask me. By the end of 21st century the world will be a huge computer, with people who want to keep their natural bodies living in nature reserves as animals live in the zoos now and by that time I think we wont have zoos anymore, as gene key 19 activation through covid19 demands the release of the wild animals back to mamma Gaia. And this is all beautiful news.

Embracing an authentic life and decision making based on your own personal Authority is something to look into

The world at large is tired of badges and bullets, all knockin’ on heavens door..

Accept there is a part of humanity who will align with the upcoming AI, and there is a part of humanity who will live in, with and for the Earth. Meanwhile, the Hyper dimensional superpower will take over the governments worldwide, appeasing all sides. Looking back from the future, everyone got what they wanted. And everyone is equal when the differences are acknowledged, and respected. Let go and Let Live. Lava U.

To our Daughter.

Creating art & business projects together. Because raising Entrepreneurs is what matters. Wild hearts that grow embracing their full potential, knowing they’re the ones to continue and change this world. Empowered child, you are loved, supported & protected. Your parents.


By the Baltic Sea in Latvia is a Medieval city Cesis.

See the Church tower on the left in the back, I was renting a room there at 17, and look to the tower behind a tree on the right, that’s where concerts are held, and across the street from there was my apartment here.

The nostalgia of medieval days grows strong in Cesis. Medieval and galant.

Home sweet Home

What are you thinking of reading these words? Is your home here and now, or is it a faraway land across the ocean, in another continent? Anyone that’s taken for a ride in globalism carriage knows the effects of being apart from ones native tongue and environment.
The glass is half full is the attitude we adopt.

Home is where the heart is. How about bringing that home and heart together again. In current political weather, nobody understands nobody yet everyone’s trying to get along, and failing, because human is a conflictual being per its DNA wiring, people now try going against their own DNA making friends from foes, forgetting the mitochondria carries us on in 15 generations. Who is anyone to assume their opinion or faith can overcome fifteen generations of inherent genetical information that’s forming the likes, the dislikes and drives of every living human being. Yes, current lives experiences and feelings do form the DNA for the next generation, each and every second of ones life experience form further DNA, yet the issue of DNA neglect remains, people are taught of man-made mental disease before they’re taught of inherent DNA patterns. Why.

To successfully divide the people and the races, is my guess. Because when nobody knows what and who they are, it’s easy to control everyone, like a mob who runs one direction when signaled danger or reward from another side. Like stampedes in South Beach on Labour Day, ironically to the name of it, not supportive of labor of the places the mobs ruin running over them, and each other for that matter. At the same time, I wouldn’t imply humanity is controlled or compromised, no, quite the opposite, I know we program our own matrix experience, I know you are God as I am.

God with a kinky reality game fetish, embracing victimization to truly attain freedom, how weird right. Wired. Absolutely. Now with Covid19 the Earth herself embraced victimization mentality as the final push to true healing & complete reboot of planetary ways, enrolling into the Age of Trivia, age of Homo Sanctus, aeon of the Sleeping Phoenix, peacefully, quietly, with a Quarantini in hand. Yes, humans have powerful hearts and guts to do big things, gene keys 19 and 55 come to heart speaking of current events on Earth. My home. Next seven years shall be interesting to observe and enjoy, I start this new blog now embracing this transitionary cycle.

Welcome to thinker box of a Manifesting Generator, Investigating Opportunist, Paula Torres.