Are you putting your money in the trash or planting it in your garden?

Moving to Davie has been the best decision we’ve made as a family, the only question we ask is why we didn’t do this six years earlier, and garden space is the one investment in our health and well-being I enjoy the most here.

As Kaia wakes up every day she goes straight outside to check how the seeds germinate and what’s the plant growth progress.

Celery Juice is my new wake up ritual & putting my money back in my garden seems common sense, except it wasn’t when I lived in a condo, looking back I know I could’ve had an apartment garden from so many food scraps that went to trash. I did garden a bit in the city but living on the first floor in a home with a garden bed outdoors it comes more naturally.

We live and we learn.

1inch in height is what I leave for planting.
1/2inch of water in a bowl, I stash the hearts and plant them once I decide where to 🙂
The more water the more growth, celery isn’t a big rooter but it readily yields new greenery.


Celery hearts can be put on the window sills in about 1/2 inch of water, changing the water every few days and giving it moderate sunlight the heart will start rooting as new celery stalks grow from the tops, the plant is then ready to be put in a pot to be a part of in home edible garden.

Or, go pop the heart straight in the soil outside, especially in soaking wet soil, and make sure it stays moist. Leave the very center of the heart open, only stabilizing the celery in the soil enough for it to stay put, leaving the middle part uncovered and breathing as that’s where the new growth will show.

Let’s put our money back in our garden!

Wisdom X Venom 🐍

October 20 2020 Bitcoin breaches 12k

We are no Satoshi Nakamoto but we are wise to follow his example by getting into Bitcoin & frantically telling all our friends with kids about it. Got kids? Teach them words as Blockchain, Crypto, Ethereum and the original Bitcoin. Just sow the seed & the kids will do the rest, it’s in their futures.

You can start with monitoring Bitcoin stock on CashApp. Or, if you have a cash side gig, take those payments in Bitcoin and stash your Satoshi’s now!

Governments stash thy Bitcoin too, by seizing it from criminals with help of FBI, so if you follow what government says about crypto, unless you’re looking at Australia news flows and their Crypto-fluent airport, you won’t find much, as the masses will experience the removal of paper money and banks as middle man as a sudden change, when it isn’t, cryptocurrency is implemented for years, and the collapse of the dollar is inevitable as is. This is happening folks. Whoever’s wise to protect thy pension accounts by stashing them in crypto, has a better chance in actually receiving all that you’ve worked for. And if you haven’t worked for pension, good, as you have the opportunity to learn a new system with a fresh eye, and be an expert in crypto implementation in your area, in urban city or under the rock in country, humans will steadily return to Barter Economy, that’s secured with a new form of payment system.

I am just saying, look into it.

Regular investments reaching 10% annual return are obviously considered awesome as is, meanwhile crypto is hostile but absolutely breaching that 10% mark, so wannabe traders & investors, look into it!
Sow seeds before breakfast. I confidently shun and avoid public school education as I think it is outdated and backwards. Kids don’t need to spend hours listening to anyone, they need to do their own thing, and be planted with beneficial words and ideas to build on. Our daughter handles CashApp Debit Card at the store since she said “I want free money” to a bank teller at two years old. Because fostering entrepreneurial thinking matters. Put your kids on Crypto Homework 📚 and as you blink twice, watch them teaching YOU about Blockchain.

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Last look at the Bitcoin right now…

Are we hitting 13k today? Yassssss

Let’s be wealthy my dear 🐍